How Facebook May Help Publishers Improve Content

Since Facebook’s introduction of Open Graph last year, you may have noticed your stream filling up with much more types of content. Facebook’s Open Graph makes it easy for users to share content real-time, essentially giving marketers instant feedback on their content.

This type of frictionless sharing will soon be a crucial part of every social marketer’s toolbox, says Dave Williams of Adage, explaining that a user’s “Like” is equivalent to a public endorsement of a brand, product or piece of content. As more Facebook users share content via Open Graph, marketers will be able to measure which content resonates with readers and optimize their content strategies going forward.

Williams says that Facebook could eventually work as a recommendation engine for branded content. “Because the endorsement comes from a friend, consumers are far more likely to see the ad as relevant, and thus to engage with the ad,” they explain.

Content creators, then, can measure which pieces of content from their website or blog drives the most engagement and adjust their strategy accordingly.

These opportunities are crucial for developing relevant influence and driving “word of mouth at scale,” says Williams. What do you think — is this type of engagement needed for brands utilizing the Facebook platform?

Image courtesy of Flickr, rishibando

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