5 Food Brands With Delicious Facebook Streams

They say the way to a someone’s heart is through his stomach. But food brands are hoping to get to your heart first by engaging with you through Facebook. Everyone loves food, but to make Facebook fans feel special, some brands are serving up visual deliciousness every day.


Oreo is “milk’s favorite cookie,” advertising tells us, and with over 23 million Facebook fans, it’s safe to say it may be the world’s as well. A recent addition to their Facebook page content is “Oreo Art.” Inspired by the Oreo Cameos of Judith G. Klausner, a big Oreo fan, Oreo shares photos of art created out of the cream inside of an Oreo cookie.

Tasty Takeaway:
Pay attention to how fans share their brand love and celebrate the best examples with the rest of your community.

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods – Recipes and Tips Facebook page shares recipes from the Kraft Foods site along with fan photos through their program “Delicious Idea of the Month.” Each month, fans submit their mouth-watering idea (a photo depicting their attempt at a Kraft Foods’ recipe) to be featured via the Kraft Foods profile picture. Each featured photo is voted on by fans.

Tasty Takeaway:
Keep your fans coming back by creating programs calling for user generated content and featuring their submissions through your Facebook posts and profile picture.

Heinz Ketchup UK

Heinz Ketchup UK keeps their Facebook page fresh by posting content of ketchup re-imagined; product shots at dynamic angles, novelty Heinz Ketchup themed by-products, and “secret ingredient” photo upload contests. Heinz Ketchup UK’s content strategy focuses on “ketchup culture,” a community where ketchup lovers feel at home.

Tasty Takeaway:
Make your community a place to celebrate the “culture” of your brand and use content that will appeal to your brand loyalists.

Betty Crocker

The baking mix brand shares recipe content through their Facebook wall, but what keeps fans coming back is Betty Crocker 911. Fans submit their “emergency cooking questions” and Betty Crocker kitchen experts answer them. When announcing a call the action to submit questions, Betty Crocker posts the “Betty Crocker 911” logo. This visual trigger is carried over into photo and video branded content that answers fans’ questions. The branding differentiates Betty Crocker’s posts from other recipe content within a user’s Facebook newsfeed.

Tasty Takeaway:
When creating a unique program where fans pose questions, brand the resulting content as well so fans can easily find the responses.


Nutella treats each piece of content like it’s a gift to their 11 million fans.  Whether it’s holiday cards, visual tutorials for making toast tangrams, or cinematic breakfast moments, each image has a style that complements Nutella’s brand image.

Tasty Takeaway:
Make sure each visual post has the same unique aesthetic and offers some sort of activity to engage fans.

Extra Tasty Tip:
Just posting a link to a recipe only pulls a thumbnail image, which isn’t as visually compelling as a large photo. Use a photo and a link (or another link shortener) to make the URL less unwieldy in the text. The larger photo will pop out at the page fan and grab attention while driving traffic.

*Disclosure: Reb Carlson provides social strategy for Oreo on Facebook. Kraft Foods is also a client at 360i (Reb does not handle their community management, but has done work for Kraft Foods in the past). These opinions are her own and do not reflect the opinions of 360i.