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Do You Understand The Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Strategy?

On the Content Strategist, we focus on two fancy buzzwords – Content Marketing and Content Strategy. But as we hand out tools, case studies and other goodies, we’ve noticed that a lot of people use them interchangeably, when in fact they mean different things

Here’s a quick and easy explanation of the two buzz terms, and how you can apply them directly to what you are working on. And don’t worry – even we get confused sometimes.

Content Strategy

This applies more to how you actually produce your content. For example, do you post once a day, or once a week? If you are looking to create a plan for content creation, delivery, and governance, or just to improve your current one, read some of these to help you improve.

What is The Best Day and Time To Publish Content? – maximize the two ways to nail your timing –  when the content is actually posted, and it is promoted.

5 Basic Metrics to Measure If You Care About the ROI of Your Content – quantify the time and money spent on your blog, so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t.

How To Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas – any blog or news story you read should be fuel for story ideas.

Content Marketing

This term is broader, and pretty much covers any type of marketing that has to do with creating or sharing content.

How would a Content Marketing article help you where a Content Strategy one wouldn’t? Taking a look at case study or reading a reflections on points made by thought leaders might not directly impact your daily routine. What it will do, though, is help you understand  what your strategy should be doing (which can later be applied…get it?).

Here are some good Content Marketing resources you might find helpful:

How Modesty On The Internet Can Actually Build Your Following – by gaining the respect of your most influential readers, you actually need to be less preachy than you think.

10 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You Manage A Company’s Content Strategy – our favorite ideas, advice, and inspiration that help grow your company’s bottom line.

A Deep Dive Into Etsy’s Content Strategy –  Etsy places their content strategy in the hands of their users, which is pretty cool and worth a look.


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