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New York Times Agrees to Place Content on Flipboard

The New York Times has, for the first time, given a third party app, Flipboard, access to all of its content.

Starting this Thursday, digital and newspaper subscribers of the Times will be able to view the publication’s articles and videos through the app on tablets and phones.

Times General Manager Denise F. Warren said in an articles announcing the deal that 20 percent of the paper’s subscribers said they read content on third-party apps, including Flipboard.

“We realized that we have an opportunity to enable this kind of access for paying subscribers, and we thought it was something we ought to try and see how users react to it,” she said. The company also hopes to gain new readers through the deal.

Flipboard, which also partners with USA Today, Wired, and ABC News, among many news publications and producers, displays news stories from an array of providers in a digital magazine-style format. It will split advertising revenue with the Times as part of the pact.

The Times’ move is the lastest example of established news publications adjusting to a world in which an increasing number of people are using their tablets to read the news.

As of January this year, Flipboard had been downloaded eight million times, “and users spend an average of 90 minutes per month with it,” according to Nieman Lab.

Flipboard is also gaining traction in the world of audio: It started offering clips from NPR and independent podcasts in May.

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