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Docalytics is a unique content measurement tool that allows marketers to track engagement across sales enablement and marketing collateral.

How can you tell if someone reads your e-books, playbooks, presentations, and more?

Docalytics provides over 17 metrics on what’s going on inside your document, with page-by-page metrics that include:

  • Views by page: How many people are reading specific pages in your documents? How many times are people referring back to those pages?
  • Time spent on page: How much time are people spending on certain sections of your document? What do readers find most engaging?
  • Heat maps to see which content your readers are interacting with: Where are they clicking, copying, and pasting? Where is the content the most hard-hitting to readers? Scrap content that isn’t as engaging and give readers what they want.



Interested in getting the most engaging content in front of your audience?

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  • Content engagement insights: Collect first-party data within your content marketing to see what your audience is engaging with and where they drop off.
  • Lead-form optimization: Get higher-quality leads by inserting lead-generation forms where users are most engaged in the document.
  • Document version control: Optimize and amend documents at scale in live campaigns while maintaining the same URLs.

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