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Strictly Bicycles: On the Road to Success

The story of a small New Jersey bicycle shop making a big impact in the community, told through the words of an award-winning journalist and accompanied by gorgeous images and parallax-style scrolling.

Video by Contently freelancer Eric Ryan Anderson

Content by Contently freelancer Amy Cortese

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How Does It Work? The Story of Combined Heat and Power

An animated tale of how GE provides a German city with environment-friendly power and heat—so a boy named Alex can watch soccer on TV and stay warm in his home at the same time.

Video by Contently freelancer Thomas Porostocky

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Fast and Furious: Digital Customer Experience in Overdrive

Technology is making customer behavior more volatile and fast-paced every minute. Marketers need this guide to the “brave new world of digital customer experience.”

Whitepaper by Contently freelancer Debra Donston-Miller

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Smart Ways to Save On Energy Costs Next Winter

To stay warm at home during the winter, you have to spend more money, right? Not necessarily. We found a graphic designer for Liberty Mutual to illustrate actionable tips on saving on energy costs.

Contents by Contently freelancer Noah Smith

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Beating Hackers at Their own Game

If your business were victim of a cyber attack, how would you respond? This detailed infographic lays out the steps to getting the upper hand on hackers.

Infographic by Contently freelancers Natalie Burg & Michelle Blackshire

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James Brown Get On Up

James Brown called himself the Godfather of Soul, but this infographic, by a freelance artist we connected with Universal Pictures, shows that he’s also the Father of Funk, the Grandfather of Hip-Hop, the Uncle of Rock…

Infographic by Contently freelancer Evan Mcdonald

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Exoskeletons: The Augmented Future of the Human Body

The exoskeleton for human beings isn’t just coming; it’s here, it’s now, and it’s changing the way we’re able to work and live.

Article by Contently freelancer James O’Brien

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“Did a Single Episode of Sherlock Change the Whole Show’s Trajectory?”

For the Netflix Debate Club, a weekly feature on Gawker’s Kinja, Contently found two pop-culture writers to butt heads over an episode of BBC’s Sherlock.

Article by Contently freelancers Louise Hung & Ryan Sandoval

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Black and White: Bold Takes on Classic Looks

With a beauty and style expert’s advice for a timeless, monochrome fall look, Walmart shows that it can do fashion.

Article by Contently freelancer Nuy Cho

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It’s Now Possible to Implant Memories Like in the Movie ‘Inception’

We matched a freelance writer with Forbes BrandVoice and Toyota to write about MIT study on artificial memories. It’s like the movie Inception, but in real life.

Article by Contently freelancer Brian Honigman

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World-class processes begin with the “right” process owners

Learn why big companies need GPOs, or Global Process Owners, to standardize operations across teams and countries.

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