Webinar: How to Prove the Value of Content Marketing

Whether you’re one of the most successful companies in the world or a startup just finding your way, your content has to impact the bottom line. Proving that value is the only surefire way to get executive buy-in and scale your content program.

For Walmart, making that case was a gradual process. The marketing team began with one positive data point: Customers who engaged with editorial content had an average order size 7 percent larger than customers who went straight to shopping. Over time, they were able to use that data to generate internal support, collaborate with other departments, and drive even bigger results.

In our latest webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a core mission that speaks to multiple audiences
  • Establish the value of content marketing in a way that appeals to executives
  • Simultaneously accomplish business goals while staying creative

Watch the webinar below and click here to access the slides.


Image by Nick Hillier / Unsplash
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