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How Manulife Used Content Technology to Avoid $1.2 Million in Production Costs

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Manulife’s core content marketing challenge was similar to many global brands: the team producing content was scattered across different departments (and regions). With little communication between stakeholders, the insurance firm struggled to create a unified brand voice and develop an efficient approach to content creation.

So, Manulife partnered with Contently to improve content sharing and localization. Leveraging the Contently platform, Manulife improved collaboration across disparate teams and reduced content creation costs to demonstrate positive ROI in less than six months. In this webinar, Contently CMO Kelly Wenzel and Shawna Dennis, AVP, Global Content Marketing at Manulife, detail how the companies partnered to solve Manulife’s most pressing challenges, and how other brands can use what they’ve learned.

Key takeaways:

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