New Money: How Top Finance Brands Use Content Marketing to Win in a Customer-Centric World

March 15 marked an important milestone in the finance industry. After years of rapid growth, federal regulators released a draft of a new manual that now allows fintech firms to apply for a federal banking charter.

Though the move was just one small step in fintech’s entrance into the broader financial system, it was an important signal that the burgeoning industry is here to stay. Fintech’s rise is also symptomatic of how finance brands market themselves in the digital age.

Like most of the business world, the complex demands of the digital age are upending decades of financial stability. Fintech competitors arise every day, forcing entrenched giants to rapidly transform. Customers hooked on the speed and ease of digital-first businesses like Amazon, Uber, and Netflix gain new expectations of service and choice. And a new generation of financially savvy, skeptical customers—the millennials—have taken their place as the dominant force in the marketplace.

Marketing lies at the center of many of these challenges. CMOs and marketers are now tasked with improving the customer experience, persuading skeptical millennials, and creating a marketing funnel that puts the customer at the center, rather than the brand. It’s not an easy task. There’s a reason why CMOs across industries churn at eye-popping rates.

Luckily, a new set of tools and techniques is arising to help marketers transform their businesses. Rather than using intrusive, brand-centric marketing tactics, many marketers are building new programs centered on providing value to the customer.

In this e-book, you’ll learn about the dramatic changes affecting the finance industry, what kind of content resonates with customers, and how top financial brands build marketing funnels to win in this new customer-centric world.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Exclusive survey results on how millennials view the finance industry and content marketing
  • Industry benchmarks on the most effective content formats and social channels
  • Insights from leading finance content marketers such as Goldman Sachs’ Amanda Rubin and Bank of America’s John von Brachel

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