Webinar: How Content Marketing Generates Leads

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Five years ago, if you asked Jason Miller to pick lead generation or brand awareness as the most important part of B2B marketing, he would’ve chosen lead generation without hesitating. But since then, things have changed.

Miller, who worked as the senior manager of social media strategy for Marketo until 2013, now serves as global content marketing leader at LinkedIn, where he’s responsible for developing content that helps turn the network’s 450 million users into leads who may be interested in paying for LinkedIn’s business solutions and premium subscriptions. As his team has published more on the company’s Marketing Solutions blog, they’ve learned firsthand that you can’t just push lead generation without putting time into brand awareness.

“It used to be gate everything and don’t give away any content for free,” he said. “Now I see you have to find a balance, to have an engine and a blog that creates content to drive awareness to that bigger piece of high-value [lead gen] content.”

This balance tells us a lot about the ways businesses have to communicate with today’s consumers. If all you’re doing is hitting people up for information, you risk undermining trust and pushing potential readers elsewhere. But if you publish a blog without the right system in place to capture and score leads, then your efforts won’t lead to ROI.

So how can you pursue leads without compromising your relationship with your audience?

In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Examine how companies are taking innovative approaches with their content
  • Detail ways to improve lead-form conversions
  • Explore what the future of lead gen content may look like
  • Answer pressing questions about lead generation tools, resources, and best practices

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