Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Contently Live

B2B marketers know that even the world’s best content won’t drive leads if it lives on an ineffective website. Until now, there hasn’t been an out-of-the-box solution for a content site designed to help them publish and optimize.

In this webinar, Contently director of sales Steve Peck reveals how Contently Live, a customizable content hub, will drive the lead generation, attention, and revenue that B2B marketers want to show. You’ll see how Contently Live beta users reported a 34 percent increase in leads, a 45 percent increase in attention time, and a 70 percent increase in unique visits.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why marketers need a content hub optimized for lead generation
  • How to maximize content marketing metrics like attention time, shares, SEO, email capture, conversions, and lead generation
  • How Contently Live users can turn existing and new content into lead-generating assets

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Image by Unsplash / CC Zero