Webinar: How GE Keeps a Huge Audience Coming Back for More

“I basically ignored press releases and focused one hundred percent on storytelling. My stories have real protagonists who are trying to solve real problems and reach real outcomes. ”

That’s Tomas Kellner, editor-in-chief of GE Reports, explaining his content marketing approach in early 2015. While most companies were just warming up to the idea of storytelling, Kellner and GE were building one of the most sophisticated branded content operations in the world.

Today, GE Reports has hundreds of thousands of devoted readers, its stories regularly go viral on Reddit and in the press, and coverage of the publication¬†ultimately ties back to the GE brand. Kellner has really taken his strategy beyond the blog. Recently, he even was flying above Lake Michigan in a two-seater plane with the man who runs GE Aviation’s business and general aviation division, sending company snaps and getting intel for an article.

Basically, Kellner is going after big stories, and he’s getting big results.

In this webinar, I talk to Kellner about his editorial process to find out how he turned GE into a content powerhouse. If you work in content marketing, you’ll want to hear his insights on the industry.

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Image by gremlin / Getty