Introducing Contently Live

By Sam Slaughter October 4th, 2016

There is undoubtedly value in learning as much as you can about something before trying it. Why else would we all have to sit through those boring driver’s-ed classes? At some point, though, you have to get behind the wheel (literally and figuratively) and actually try it.

Contently Live: Built for and by content marketers

The same thing holds true for content marketing, which is why we launched The Content Strategist in the first place. We knew that if we wanted to build the best content marketing company out there, we’d have to be great content marketers ourselves.

Like that first-time nervous driver with her hands on 10 and 2, we set out on a journey that ultimately led us to an award-winning publication—which also happens to be our biggest lead generator.

Among the things we learned along that journey is that how content is presented is just as important as what it’s about. You can have an amazing story, but if it lives on a poorly designed site, it’ll never get the results you’re looking for.

With Contently Live, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the last six years and packed it into a customizable content hub developed specifically for content marketers.

Contently Live is built to drive the business results—like lead generation, attention, and revenue—that marketers are on the hook for, without the hassle of having to build or maintain code on a website or microsite themselves.

Optimized for lead gen

Contently Live’s unique design is built around using existing and new content to capture and convert leads.

The technology integrates with your CRM, email service provider, and the rest of Contently’s technology, allowing users to plan, create, publish, amplify, and analyze content in one platform.

Oh yeah? Prove it

A half-dozen major brands are already set to launch content hubs on Contently Live by year’s end. In a limited release, marketers who switched from their previous content management system to Contently Live reported a 45 percent increase in attention time, and with Contently Live’s built-in document viewer, users saw the conversion rate on e-books increase by an average of 34 percent.

How exactly does it work?

Contently Live helps marketers draw audiences into their marketing funnel with accessible content, and increases lead generation and capture with content-focused site optimization. Contently Live works by:

Increasing site traffic and visitor engagement through:

  • Access to Contently’s network of freelance content creators and workflow tools to increase quality of content
  • Data-driven recommendations to create better-performing content
  • Custom tagging and infinite scroll for easy and flexible content organization, discovery, and SEO
  • Built on robust enterprise hosting architecture and a lightning-fast CMS framework to deliver content faster

Optimizing lead generation and capture through:

  • Custom call-to-action pop-ups and slide-ups that integrate with marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing platforms
  • Built-in Document Analytics for embedding and optimizing lead forms within downloadable content like white papers and e-books
  • Smart ad units that recommend relevant content to visitors
  • Analytics that track lead capture and conversions back to the content that works

Marketers shouldn’t have to waste resources launching and maintaining a complicated CMS that isn’t built for content. Contently Live allows you to focus your attention on telling your brand’s story—and the turnkey content hub will turn that great content into leads.

If you’re interested in learning more, sign up for the webinar we’re hosting or email us at