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Infographic: The Evolution of Virtual Reality, From 1883 to 2020

Your next computer might not fit in your pocket. Instead, it’ll fit over your eyes.

In the past decade, we’ve gone from typing on laptops to swiping on smartphones and tablets. Now, technology companies are competing to take computing out of our hands altogether with virtual reality (VR).

A new infographic from eyewear company Frames Direct and infographic design agency Nowsourcing shows us exactly how much VR has evolved through history—and how it might grow in the next few years. Sony and Samsung, for example, are developing contact lenses that allow users to both record and stream video. Meanwhile, Facebook is working on AR glasses that ensure our social streams go wherever we do by overlaying a virtual reality on the real world (much like in Pokémon Go).

Take a look at the infographic to learn more about how virtual reality could change marketing—and what you might need to prepare for over the next five years.