Media 2020: The Marketer’s Guide to the Present and Future of the Internet

By Dillon Baker July 13th, 2016

The commercial internet as we know it began 22 years ago when AT&T ran the first banner ad in Wired’s online presence HotWired.

Media 2020: The Marketer's Guide to the Present and Future of the Internet

For digital marketers, this is what advertising looked like for much of the internet’s early history: website display ads. Despite their questionable design and deceptive tactics, they worked by some measures—at least at first. The creator of that first banner ad in HotWired claims it had a 44 percent click-through rate (CTR).

Today, digital marketing is much different. Banner ads still exist, but CTRs are far lower. A recent study by eMarketer put the average CTR for standard banner ads at a paltry 0.12 percent. Where ads are located and how they function have also changed rapidly. Ads optimized for mobile and social media are growing increasingly popular as powerful ad networks like Facebook prove to be a much more effective, data-driven solution for digital advertising. Meanwhile, new forms of digital marketing have sprung up at every turn.

If you want to be a successful marketer, you need to understand the internet and all its mechanisms. But considering how rapidly the internet has evolved, this can feel like a fool’s errand.

In fact, the internet may be undergoing the biggest disruption since the early days of AOL and Netscape, when that HotWired display ad twinkled like the first sign of an alien invasion. If marketers want to succeed, they need to understand how—and why—the internet is changing.

In this e-book, you’ll learn critical insights such as:

  • How mobile came to dominate user attention, and why we’re only seeing the beginning of the shockwaves from mobile’s incredible rise.
  • How chat apps are creating a whole new internet experience for a new generation of consumers.
  • How advertisers and marketers are approaching VR and AR—and why they might be getting it wrong.
  • Why social platforms are poised to consolidate digital content within their walls.
  • How innovations like the IoT and 5G networks will transform digital marketing.

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Image by Hannah Waldron