Webinar: Everything You Wanted to Know About Content Methodology

By Joe Lazauskas May 25th, 2016

You could argue that a lot of content marketing is broken. After all, much of the branded content you find online falls short of the quality you’d expect from the average publisher—which is insane when you consider the millions of dollars most brands spend developing their reputations.

However, I’d make a different argument: Content marketing isn’t broken; it’s just never been properly constructed. Most brands approach content haphazardly, without any real plan or commitment. Roughly two-thirds of marketers create content without any documented strategy, and over half of both B2B and B2C marketers are not sure what a successful content program looks like.

That’s why we’ve spent much of the last year putting together a practical framework for content marketing success—what we call a “content methodology.” We analyzed troves of internal data, talked to our most successful clients, and consulted the biggest content marketing experts in the world—including renowned digital analyst Rebecca Lieb, who co-wrote a best practices report on content methodology with me.

Earlier this month, we also sat down to record a webinar and explain everything you need to know about content methodology, such as:

  • Why a content methodology has become essential for modern enterprises.
  • How leading organizations develop cultures that lead to great content.
  • A step-by-step guide to developing a content methodology.
  • A framework for continuously improving your content over time.

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