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The Marketer’s Guide to Travel Content: Trends, Case Studies, and ROI

Five years ago, if you wanted to travel to Thailand, you’d probably start with a Google search and a quick glance at a site like TripAdvisor. Today, however, the process of researching a trip has drastically changed.

When it comes to travel, it’s hard to overstate the importance of convenience and trust. Rather than putting your faith in brands and people you don’t know, now you might check out Instagram posts of beaches in Pattaya from your friends, or reviews of Bangkok restaurants on Facebook. You can do all your research without leaving your newsfeed up until the second you book your flight.

This new customer journey has presented a big opportunity for travel and hospitality brands, and leading companies like JetBlue, Marriott, and HotelTonight are taking advantage by creating useful and entertaining content that reaches consumers throughout their purchase journey.

(Full disclosure: Marriott is a Contently client.)

In this report, we’ll examine:

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