The Content Strategist

Update: A Simpler, Unified Workflow

Next to the constant need for great content, one of the biggest challenges Contently’s customers face is the need to efficiently expedite production so that content actually gets created, shared, and experienced. That can be especially hard in organizations with time-consuming compliance and legal approval processes

Success requires being able to tightly manage the communication between the many humans needed to make great content happen. That’s why, over the past few months, Contently has been in the process of developing the most highly customizable workflow tools on the market.

Producing quality content at scale requires a workflow that mirrors the complex real-world circumstances of your organization, assuring that everyone clearly understands what’s going on in language that everyone understands.

In order to tackle this challenge, we’ve made it easier for you to define your own work steps in a modular fashion, as opposed to being limited to pre-determined tasks.

In the last three months we’ve released the following updates, each of which brought us closer to the promised full flexibility of all existing and future workflow templates:

Latest Update: Production and Approval in One Unified Workflow

This week, we’ve got one more major update to Contently workflow: We’ve combined the production and approval processes into one fully customizable and easily editable workflow.

As a user, you will notice that the first step of every workflow template is now “Create Story.” Previously when creating a story, production step and approval flow were kept separate, thus forcing the user to always have creation as the first step.


With “Create Story” now part of the workflow, users have the flexibility to change its title, move it around in the workflow, and, in case it’s not required at all, delete it.


Ultimately, it’s all about creating content that works. These latest changes to the Contently workflow ensure that you can work as easily and efficiently as possible.