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I Didn’t Know How Long to Make My Posts and Tweets. But Then I Found This Infographic With Zoo Animals

According to social media software companies SumAll and Buffer, the Internet is a zoo—and not just because it was the launching pad of the beloved IKEA monkey. It’s a zoo because it plays host to all types of content: big, small, short, tall, and everything in between.

But which zoo animal (type of content) to choose? Luckily for us, SumAll and Buffer teamed up to find the ideal length of just about anything you might post online—headlines and podcasts and SlideShares, oh my!

Here are just a few highlights of their research:

One question still remains unanswered, though. As a top commenter on SumAll’s page asked, “What’s the ideal length of infographics?” Touché, top commenter. Touché.

We’ll look out for the super meta infographic that explains that one. But for now, check out the handy one below—cartoony zoo animals and all.