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Infographic: Here’s Why Influencer Marketing Works for Brands

Are you more likely to buy a product if it’s recommended by a friend than if it’s pushed in your face by a brand? Of course you are (assuming your buddy has good taste and doesn’t dress like the cast of The Jersey Shore at Burning Man)—because influencer marketing works.

According to research by influencer marketing platform The Shelf, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people—even if they don’t know them personally—over promotional content that comes directly from brands.

That’s why 65 percent of brands are already participating in influencer marketing. Smashbox Cosmetics recently launched an incubator for YouTubers to use their studio space and products. Many brands are also teaming up with photographers on Instagram to reach new audiences.

And it’s working. As the infographic points out, influencer marketing can increase your conversions by up to a factor of 10. An eMarketer study also that found that advertisers earned an average of $6.85 for every $1 they spent on influencer marketing last year.

The best part of this strategy is that influencer marketing the gift that keeps on giving. As The Shelf notes, 88 percent of influencers tell friends about the brands that sponsor them, and 72 percent share additional posts about their sponsors outside of any contractual agreement.

For example, YouTuber Joshua Evans recently teamed up with Peet’s Coffee to create a branded music video. He then sent this tweet three weeks after that video came out:

So go find the social media mavens who want to introduce your brand to their audiences. These influencers don’t have to have millions of followers. They just need to be engaging your target consumers with a unique voice and quality content.

To be sure you’re getting the most out of your influencer marketing, check out the infographic below.