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Smarter Content Marketing: Introducing the New and Improved Contently Analytics

At the Contently West Coast Summit two weeks ago, there was a lot of talk among the world’s leading brands about how difficult and rewarding it can be to get a full-scale content marketing operation off the ground.

Some of the biggest challenges mentioned included the need to provide operational transparency for management, to supply better reporting for key stakeholders, to consolidate disparate KPIs, and to gain better insight into audience metrics and content marketing effectiveness—all in a way that’s truly easy to understand.

That’s why today we’re very excited to announce the launch of the new Contently Analytics platform.

Currently available to all customers who have installed the Contently Insights code on their site, the powerful new dashboard provides one centralized intelligence center where you can track, optimize, and report on your entire content marketing operation.

Contently Analytics provides easy-to-understand visualizations of three specific kinds of data:

Even cooler, your dashboard can be configured to highlight whatever data interests you most, with easy-to-use drag-and-drop cards and pulldown menus for further exploration.

A few of our clients, like Cox Communications, have already been using Contently Analytics on a trial basis, and the results have been pretty great.

“Contently has made it possible for our team to view and evaluate all of our content performance in one place—from production to paid distribution and overall engagement metrics,” says Cox’s director of field/channel marketing, John Parris.

“This has helped us improve our day-to-day operations and enabled us to become much more proactive in identifying content assets that shine or don’t meet expectations for our audience.”

In the future, we will also be adding in content marketing benchmark data, which will allow you to compare your content performance against that of your peers.

Want your own personal tour of the new Analytics dashboard? Contact your account manager or request a demo today.

This post was written by Richard Sharp, Contently’s head of product and customer marketing.