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Infographic: How Images Make Social Content More Shareable

Everyone likes to say a picture is worth a thousand words, but those who do are really underestimating the value of a good visual.

According to an infographic we highlighted a few weeks ago, it only takes one tenth of a second for your brain to make sense of a visual scene. Also worth noting: People remember 80 percent of what they see and do, compared to only 10 percent of what they hear and 20 percent of what they read.

So it’s no wonder that images also make us more likely to hit the “like” and “share” buttons when we’re engaging with content via social media. According to an infographic from StoryBox, which you can see below, visually compelling is one of the surest ways to increase engagement online.

For instance, Oreo was able to gain 1 million Facebook fans by posting creative images each day for 100 days as a part of a campaign for its 100 year anniversary. On Instagram, Heineken got customers to drink up its content by having users search for a certain individual in a crowd photo from the US Open for its “Crack the US Open” contest. And after Chegg targeted college students with promoted tweets featuring memes, the brand drove 13,000 purchases from Twitter users.

For more awesome examples and statistics about how brands are benefiting from good visual content, check out the rest of the infographic: