The State of Content Marketing 2015

By Shane Snow February 18th, 2015

Hold on to your hoverboards, citizens of Earth. It’s 2015, which means our annual report on the state of content marketing is here. Though we didn’t get the flying cars and pizza re-hydrators we were promised this year, Marty McFly and various scientists have personally assured me that those things are coming soon. (And when they do come, brand publishers like GE Reports and Electrolux are surely going to be all over the story.)

Meanwhile, in this year’s report we examine which brands, vendors, and voices are driving the brand storytelling movement and take a look at the emerging best practices helping mature brand publishers build relationships and become actual media companies.

We also include the following:

  • Statistics and measurement of the industry and spending
  • Prevailing brand content strategies: owned content vs. sponsored content vs. social content
  • The merging of media companies and brands into corporate media
  • Current content marketing technologies and methodologies
  • The future of content-first marketing organizations

Download “State of Content Marketing 2015″ below.

Image by Kyle Fewell