This Content Marketing Dictionary Will Help You Master Industry Newspeak

By Joe Lazauskas October 27th, 2014

Thanks to content marketing’s Newspeak, 2014 is starting to feel like 1984.

If you’ve attended a content marketing conference or panel this year, you might have felt like you’d been transported to a futuristic world with a foreign vernacular—amplify and engage the common greeting, KPI the new currency.

Indeed, whenever a trend overtakes an industry the way content has overtaken marketing, it inevitably ushers in a whole new lingo. This content Newspeak has the potential to be so dizzying that marketers could suddenly find themselves stumbling back to the dark land of display ads. And no one wants that, especially not us here at Contently. We are a content marketing company, after all.

To help you navigate this overwhelming new terminology, we created the “Contently Content Marketing Dictionary,” filled with all the terms you need to know—and none of the ones you don’t.

In content marketing land, the birth rate for new terms is quite hard, so we’ll be updating this consistently here on The Content Strategist. But you should download the first edition of the dictionary below. C’mon, you know you want to know what the hell “contentvertising” means.

Image by Kyle Fewell