State of Automotive Content Marketing: Mapping the Road to Success in 2015

By Contently October 2nd, 2014

Cadillac has been manufacturing luxury cars long before the Coachella music and arts festival ever took over the California desert. But that didn’t stop the the automobile distributor from staking a presence in the concert scene to get millennials’ attention.

For the next few decades, the car-buying public will be comprised of 80 million consumers who care more about their smartphones than their vehicles. It’s where they spend their time, and it’s where they research and buy their cars. Slowly but surely, the auto industry is realizing that if they want to be there with consumers at the point of purchase, they need to bond with them for the half-decade long sales cycle that leads to that moment.

So, how are automakers putting pedal to the metal to stay ahead of the curve? By reaching new demographics in their natural habitat: the mobile web.

From branded web series, such Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Acura, to viral videos like Jean Claude Van-Damme’s epic split between two Volvo trucks, auto companies are shifting into gear and embracing the power of storytelling through digital content marketing.

In our latest e-book, “State of Automotive Content Marketing: Mapping the Road to Success in 2015,” we trace the trends, best-in-class examples, and what automotive companies need to know about future of the industry in order to stay ahead in the race. Download the e-book below.

Image by Kyle Fewell