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State of Travel Content Marketing: Trends and Brands Taking Flight in 2015

If you’re making a list of industries disrupted by fast-accelerating social and mobile revolutions, travel darn well better be near the top of the list.

Modern travelers aren’t just booking flights on mobile devices and downloading e-tickets; they’re discovering destinations they hadn’t yet dreamed of on Facebook, crowdsourcing suggestions on Twitter, and reading stories about lands near and far. Eighty-seven percent of people under the age of 34 use Facebook for travel inspiration, and over half use Twitter and Pinterest.

This trend presents a unique opportunity for the travel industry. If they can create irresistibly shareable stories, they can reach consumers at a key point on their sales journey: through social. Indeed, the best-in-class travel marketers are crafting viral stories using everything from safety videos to island caretaking gigs to birdhouses. Yes, you read that right. Top travel brand publishers are discovering stories in the most unlikely of places.

In our latest e-book, “State of Travel Content Marketing: Brands and Trends Taking Flight in 2015,” we examine the shift in technological and cultural behavior that’s helping travel marketing take off, the brands leading the way, and what you should expect in 2015. Download it below.