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State of Healthcare Content Marketing: A Prescription for Success

The third most popular activity that people do online—right behind checking email and using a search engine—is looking for answers to health questions, according to a Pew Internet survey.

But are healthcare companies meeting us halfway in our frantic searches of symptoms and remedies? Unfortunately, many are not. The Content Marketing Institute discovered that the health industry seems to be lagging up to two years behind other industries in producing engaging content.

While we’ve all found ourselves typing a laundry list of common cold symptoms into Google, hoping they don’t amount to something more serious, what about those who aren’t just suffering from a common nasal drip? A study conducted by Philips found that 1 of every 10 people believe if it weren’t for Web-based health information, they’d be dead or severely incapacitated.

It’s never been more evident that healthcare providers need to be careful about the quality of content they produce online. So, how can healthcare companies make sure that people turn to their resources for crucial advice, and how can they offer the most accurate and beneficial information possible?

Whether a healthcare company is looking to start a content marketing initiative or vying to improve existing efforts, understanding the lay of the land can mean the difference between success and failure. In our new free e-book, “State of Healthcare Content Marketing: A Prescription for Success,” we examine trends, highlight best-in-class examples, and lay down predictions for what’s next in the industry. Download it below: