State of B2B Content Marketing: 8 Trends and Tactics Transforming the Industry

By Jordan Teicher July 29th, 2014

Jean-Claude Van Damme didn’t become an action star and flexible martial-arts hero overnight. He needed a sensei to teach him. And he needed incredible training montages in his movies that showed him learning how to kick, punch, stretch, and dance terribly in ways we’d never seen before.

Decades later, when B2B content marketers needed their own sensei, “The Muscles from Brussels” came through.

You might be wondering what JCVD has to do with B2B content marketing, but “The Epic Split,” Van Damme’s viral video from Volvo Trucks, represents a changing tide in business storytelling. Volvo tied their trucks’ dynamic steering to pop culture, and it paid off in a big way. Not only did the video rack up over 74 million views on YouTube, almost half of truck buyers who watched “The Epic Split” said they were more likely to choose Volvo the next time they bought a truck, and approximately one-third of those surveyed contacted a dealer or visited Volvo’s website to research information after seeing the videos.

Digging deeper into B2B content marketing

In Contently’s new e-book, “State of B2B Content Marketing: The Van Damme-ification of Business Storytelling,” we examine the major trends driving the evolution of B2B content marketing and look at how some brands are infusing their content with the type of creative punch we usually associate with B2C brands. To learn more, read Contently’s “State of B2B Content Marketing: The Van Damme-ification of Business Storytelling.”

Image by Kyle Fewell