Does Your Site Use Social Login? Maybe It Should.

By Kylie Jane Wakefield March 22nd, 2012

Social login can greatly increase sign-up and interaction rates from customers. So, has your company considered it? If not, there’s plenty of data that supports the argument behind integrating social login tools.

In its recent review of Gigya Social Login, Social Media Examiner, for example, said that 83% of people signed up for one of its programs by logging in through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not too shabby eh?

The author of the post, Michael Stelzner, points out that social login has a number of advantages. He says it’ll promote rapid user adoption, since people won’t need to login with a new account. Once they have put in their social media account information, brands have access to their profile pictures, emails, and other contact information, which means easier access to the customer. He also says that using social login also decreases the number of spammers a site attracts, “because social networks authenticate individuals and generally don’t allow multiple accounts.”

A report released by Janrain found that “86% of users are bothered by having to create a new account when registering on a website.” Furthermore, 88% admitted that they have knowingly filled out incorrect information on a registration form, and 54% said they may leave a site and not come back to it if forced to register. On the other hand, 77% of people said that they would prefer if sites gave them the opportunity to log in through a social network.

CEO of Janrain Larry Drebes further spelled out the benefits of social login for users in a recent interview. Drebes says that by signing in through an external social media site, a user’s account information continues to me more up-to-date, and future sign ins are thus, less complicated. He says that these decreased barriers for consumers mean that users will be signing onto your site more frequently.

The benefits of social login far outweigh those of a standard registration form, and social networking sites show no signs of slowing down. Social login, then, may be just the tool for increasing engagement and return rates on your website.

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