Tech Integrations

Technology that works with all of yours.

Technology is most useful when it plays nice with other technology. Contently seamlessly connects with the platforms you use across your marketing technology stack. If you think we don’t offer an integration that would benefit your brand, let us know. We have a custom integration team dedicated to serving your most pressing technology needs on short notice.

CMS Integrations


By integrating with virtually any third-party CMS—including WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager, and HubSpot—Contently makes your content publishing process more efficient. Our Stories API reduces the number of steps between content creation and distribution by pushing content directly to your chosen CMS. That saves you time. Which saves you money.

Social Media Integrations


Social media is where content lives—and where your audience lives, too. Contently makes it effortless to reach those people with social sharing enhancements that publish your content directly to your authenticated accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Content Amplification Integrations


You can’t focus solely on content creation without giving proper thought to content distribution. We sure didn’t. With our robust suite of integrations, you can track crucial metrics like the ROI of your advertising spend, which contributors’ content gets shared the most, total traffic across a network of sites, and more.

Plus, our expert media buyers offer weekly qualitative and quantitive reports on your content’s performance. Because the best content strategy is a data-backed content strategy—with a human touch.



Marketing Automation Integrations


Marketing automation systems are a crucial part of any marketer’s toolkit, and brands need a content solution that integrates with them seamlessly. Contently integrates with all the major systems, including Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot and more–all with the goal of helping you understand which content drives actual business results.

Custom Integrations

If there’s some technology for which you simply must have an integration, we’ll build it.



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