Team and Talent Management

Because every orchestra needs a conductor.

Managing the people in a global content marketing operation can be a challenge. Contently’s platform makes organizing your team—and working with freelance creatives—a snap. 

Team Building and Organizing


Onboard stakeholders and team members across your enterprise in a few clicks—or have our enterprise services team do it for you. And if you need creative talent, our technology finds you the right people at the right price.

  • Proprietary data-matching technology to find the right contributors for your brand.
  • Pre-screening and pre-training, so you only work with vetted professionals.
  • Enterprise talent managers who know the best people for every project, and make it simple to work together. 

Management and Payments

Our platform makes managing internal contributors and paying freelancers simple.

  • Organize your key external and internal contributors into easy-to-manage teams.
  • Add and subtract members of different projects and publications with one click, send team-wide and individual messages, and view in-depth analytics on who’s creating the best-performing content.
  • Assign custom roles to all your contributors, so they’re only able to access tasks that are within their purview.


Billing and Invoicing


Paying freelancers can get complicated quickly. Our solution removes the hassles from your end and makes sure your contributors get paid quickly and painlessly.

  • Pay one monthly itemized invoice, instead of dozens of individual payments.
  • Eliminate 1099 forms altogether—we handle those for you.
  • Pay talent immediately on submission of their work, so there’s no need to involve your AP department for each story.
  • Make your talent happy by eliminating painful bureaucracy and endless waits to get compensated.

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