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Data rules the world. We have the researchers to help you conquer it.

If you’re a marketer, you know how important data is. Our expert researchers will help you find the right data and present it beautifully.

Expert Researchers, Proven Methodology

Our network of dozens of top market and data researchers—working previously with top firms like Forrester, Gartner, and Bloomberg—can help you distill complex data into compelling content that is straightforward and backed by strong methodology.


Research Reporting & Analysis

Contently Researcher Valerio Pellegrini is a Italian data visualization expert who has done work forWired, Fast Company, and Men’s Health.

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Data Research

Contently Researcher Lisa Mahapatra is a data journalist who has previously worked for Business Insider, International Business Times, and CNN. She specializes in map-based visualizations, infographics, charts, and games.

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Analysis & Business Intelligence

Contently Researchers like Renee Boucher Ferguson have expertise in mining and analyzing information from deep inside your company—and helping turn that information into stories. She’s done research and data analytics for MIT Sloan Management Review, Edison Group, and for Kennedy Consulting. She specializes in business intelligence, customer relationship management, and social media.

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