The Marketer's Guide to Targeting on the Web and Facebook

AdRoll and Contently

The Marketer’s Guide to Targeting on the Web and Facebook

Key strategies for creating a successful retargeting program on the web and Facebook

When it comes to creating a successful retargeting program, the way your ad looks online always matters. But targeting your ads to a specific audience is the secret to a successful digital marketing campaign.

A successful ad combines an engaging, clickable headline; a captivating, colorful image; and a strong call-to-action. But if you’re selling sailing products and showing your ad to millennial gamers who read anime blogs, you’re just flushing money down the drain.

In this webinar, learn how to create great ads to drive engagement and serve them to the right people. Learn how to develop a scalable retargeting program without spending a lot of money on ads. Hear from AdRoll, Product Marketing Manager Kevin Garcia and Growth Strategist Kieran Dahl discuss the best strategies for pinpointing your target audience across the web and Facebook.

In this webinar, you learn how to:

  • Manage and structure your campaigns on Facebook and the web
  • Reach your target audience wherever they go online
  • Increase engagement with data-driven targeting strategies

Download the slides and watch the webinar below.

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