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Entrepreneur | April 18, 2019 Read more

The Complete Guide to Building ‘Buzz’ and Getting Press for You and Your Business

Two other content-creating websites also lent their wisdom to this discussion about buzz: Han-Gwon Lung, CEO and co-founder of Tailored Ink, and Joe Lazauskas, head of content strategy at Contently.

Forbes | April 1, 2019 Read more

How To Become A Master Of Content: 5 Takeaways From Marketing Pros

In 2019 the question should no longer be whether your brand creates content but how to make your content better. “No one questions a brand’s need for a website—content should be non-negotiable too,” Shawna Dennis, marketing VP at MD Financial, said onstage at the 2019 Contently Summit: Masters of Content.

Relevance | February 26, 2019 Read more

Educating Marketers at Contently Summit: Masters of Content

Contently’s Masters of Content event has an agenda full of educational programs and opportunities. The summit will take place in the heart of Times Square at the PlayStation Theater on March 20, Contently is building a “content university,” complete with a dining hall, library, book store, and an academic surprise after programming.

MKTGInsight | February 9, 2019 Read more

Buzz, Hype, and Shiny Objects — Where to Focus Instead

With all the hype in marketing, some topics get way too much attention, while other — in some cases, more important — topics languish because they’re not as sexy or too hard to deal with or feel overwhelming. What topic or trend do you think is overhyped at the expense of a related, more important topic or trend? What is it, and why should marketers start focusing on it?

EContent | February 8, 2019 Read more

The State of Content Analytics 2019

What keywords are driving traffic to your site? Once on your site, what content do visitors consume? Which content drives traffic most efficiently through the sales funnel? Which content does the best job of building engagement? Which calls to action do the best job of conversion? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg for content owners who are increasingly challenged to show real results for their efforts.

Atomic Reach | January 28, 2019 Read more

50 Content Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow

The power to influence and engage an audience is what makes content marketing influential. In turn, those who understand content marketing, are successful with it, and sharing their insights about it are highly sought after and increasingly quoted. If you are looking for some expert takeaways on content marketing, take a look at our list of influential content marketers you should be following.

BizReport | January 3, 2019 Read more

2 Trends to Adopt in Social

Marketing strategy should change and evolve every year, but in the social space, strategies need upgrades and shifts more often. The problem is that many brands continue to rely on actions and events that worked in 2017 or even farther back rather than strategies that are working now. What is working now? Read on for two tips.

ANA Magazine | December 20, 2018 Read more

Create an Ideal Customer Profile

More and more B2B marketers are relying on ICPs to target prospects with the greatest potential and lower the cost of customer acquisition. This emerging B2B tool helps companies generate higher-quality leads and drive ROI.

Contently | December 18, 2018 Read more

Contently Looks Back at 2018: Campaigns, Workshops, and Content Mastery

As both CEO of Contently and a father, I’m already thinking about what next year will look like, while still wondering how November is over already.

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