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Content Kingdom: Inside the U.K.’s Marketing Revolution

While the internet has made it possible for brands to reach consumers just about anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, much of the advertising industry still seems to take a U.S.-centric approach to marketing coverage. With New York City trying to hold on to its reputation as the media capital of the world, and Silicon Valley dominating headlines, it’s easy to overlook the content contributions from the rest of the world.

But it’s time for that to change.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 87 percent of marketing professionals in the UK now use content marketing, and 53 percent planned to increase their spending in the next year. As these companies continue to experiment with social media, online video, custom magazines, and mobile, they’re finding innovative ways to strike that delicate balance between relaying a brand message and creating content that will resonate with customers.

In “State of Content Marketing: United Kingdom,” we’ll look at industry trends, chat with agencies and brands, and highlight some of the best digital content being produced across the pond. The content marketing industry is moving fast, and U.K. brands aren’t just keeping up; they’re getting out ahead.

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