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Content Marketing World 2019
Content Marketing World 2019

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Content Marketing World is our favorite event of the year. The creative energy. The community. The truly excessive amount of orange. If you’re attending, we can’t wait to see you on September 3rd.

We have a lot in store for you this year. We’ll have a brand new session from Joe Lazauskas, our Head of Marketing, on the skills you need to thrive in the coming marketing revolution. And as always, Joe will be available at Booth #607 for a select number of 1:1 strategy sessions. If your content marketing program needs a refreshing, no-nonsense infusion of creativity and accountability, he’s your guy.

But that’s not all. This year, we’re also playing Buzzword Bingo. Stop by our booth to pick up your card with instructions on how to play during this year’s sessions. If you fill up your card, you’ll win a spin on our prize wheel!


September 3-6


Booth #607

Speaker session

Joe Lazauskas
VP marketing, Contently

The Content Marketer of the Future:
5 Big Traits You Need to Thrive in the Coming Marketing Revolution

Date: Wednesday, September 4
Time: 11:20am – 12:05pm
Track: Future Trend

Session takeaways

Content marketers today are supposed to be data-driven unicorn-octopi hybrids, with eight hands and a natural-born instinct for Instagram stories. We’re told we need to be masters of analytics, incredible writers, top-notch videographers, quirky creatives that can manage a team of 10 and get the board on your side (all others need not apply). But this is obviously insane so … what actually matters?

In this interactive session, Contently’s VP of marketing will reveal what he’s learned from hundreds of interviews with top content marketers: the special traits they share, the tricks they use, and how to set yourself up to succeed in a marketing world that’s about to change in big ways.

The big traits, from empathy to intellectual humility, that the world’s most successful content marketers share.

How brave marketers built unlikely coalitions inside their companies to make content and storytelling the heartbeat of their brand.

The monumental changes coming to content marketing, and how to future-proof your career.

Visit our booth to pick up your Buzzword Bingo card and spin the Contently wheel of prizes!


Booth #607