This Free Content Marketing ROI Calculator Is Just What You Need for Sales Enablement

When we talk about content marketing ROI, we often ignore one of the biggest opportunities in front of us: sales enablement.

As I wrote about in this Ask a Content Strategist column, content marketers have a tendency to stop thinking about ROI after lead generation. This is due to the nonsensical misconception that content marketing is just a top-funnel marketing activity.

The whole point of generating good leads is to grow your business. Marketers need to feel responsible for whether their sales team can convert those leads into deals—particularly in B2B.

sales enablement stats

In our free course on sales enablement, we encourage content marketers to think of themselves as Alfred and the sales team as Batman. (We explained that metaphor—and took it very, very literally—in the video below). It’s our job to gives sales as many ingenious tools as possible to help them do their job—whether that’s a cool calculator, interactive assessments, case study videos, a compelling pitch deck, or, I don’t know, maybe an interactive educational course.

As the stats above show, content plays a huge role in the sales process. That’s because true marketing success comes when you’re both driving more inbound opportunities and making your sales team more effective.

successful content marketing ROI lies between driving inbound opportunities & making sales team effective

In many ways, it’s actually easier to calculate content marketing ROI through a sales enablement lens. Say you drive 100 inbound opportunities per quarter at the top of the funnel. If your sales enablement efforts help improve your opp-to-win rate by just 5 percent, your content marketing program will be partially responsible for five new deals. Inside a B2B business like ours, that’s huge.

sales enablement ROI

Try out the formula yourself with our new sales enablement calculator. Download the calculator here along with a complimentary case study matrix template, and make this the year you finally master content marketing ROI.

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