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Contently Emerges as a Top Choice for B2B Content Marketers in Report by Forrester

There’s a line in Forrester’s latest report on content marketing platforms, or CMPs for short, that I love. It goes like this: “If content is the soul of digital, content marketing platforms are its church.”

Forrester, a leading market research and analyst firm, understands that CMPs are an essential part of the modern technology stack—and we’re proud to have emerged as a top CMP choice for B2B marketers in the report Explore Content Marketing Platforms for B2B Marketing.

At Contently, we believe that content is the “atomic particle” of digital marketing. It’s how customers experience your brand across a fragmented digital landscape. That’s why, according to Forrester, “leading CMPs’ annually recurring revenue roughly tripled between 2014 and 2016″ and that “one in two global B2B marketing leaders… either planned to implement a CMP, already had one, or were expanding it.”

Becoming a top choice for B2B marketers is the result of all our employees’ hard work and what we believe is a unique, strategic approach to the content space. In 2017 we made significant investments in each component of the Contently offering to help marketers enforce brand governance, increase audience engagement, and improve workflow efficiency.

Remote approval: Content marketers often need to involve occasional stakeholders such as legal teams and subject matter experts in the content process. With remote approval, external stakeholders and subject matter experts can seamlessly view stories and provide feedback without logging into our platform.

Intelligent Talent Recommendations: Content marketers need highly specialized, trained talent for their content. Intelligent Talent Recommendations uses machine learning to tap into our industry-leading talent network and serve automatic, personalized recommendations based on your content strategy.

Content review and Tone Analyzer: Content marketers need to able to manage their brand and maintain compliance at scale. Automated brand governance scan for common grammatical errors, broken links, brand tone via an integration with IBM Watson, plagiarism, and more to cut down on content busy work.

We’ve also enhanced our holistic solution with new functionality and offerings to help marketers achieve their content goals.

Docalytics: Our unique document management solution, which gives marketers unparalleled insight into the performance of their documents, was enhanced with embedding functionality. Marketers can now embed documents within a piece of content–and still receive the same deep level of insights they’ve come to expect.

Strategy workshops: We also released expert strategy services available to all our clients, including storytelling workshops, audience analyses, content audits, and more. What’s more, strategy has been deeply intertwined in the implementation process: We help clients formulate and document their content strategy throughout the buying process, making it easy to embed strategy into the content life cycle once they’re on-boarded.

If CMPs are the church to content’s soul, we’re building a cathedral for marketers. In the coming year, we’re planning to build out even more functionality around attributing content and ROI, sales enablement, content campaigns, and more integrations with the martech ecosystem. Click here if you want to stay updated.

We’re thrilled to see where this burgeoning space goes, and we hope you’ll join us for the journey. Emerging as a top choice is just the beginning.