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The Engine That Will Fuel Your Content Marketing

When I came to Contently six months ago, the first thing I noticed was that the world’s most prestigious brands were dealing with an enormous challenge. The data is daunting. Every minute, 215 million pieces of content get created. Less than 35 percent of content gets used, due to a variety of reasons. And most importantly, only 5 percent of content gets 90 percent of all digital attention.

But what about the companies producing the other 95 percent? How can they compete and stand out without a sound approach guiding their content decisions?

That last stat is particularly daunting. But it also signals a silver lining. Brands have a big opportunity to break through with their content. As someone who spent the last 20 years focused on corporate and product marketing, I’ve tried to walk the walk when it comes to delivering content that commands attention and drives business results. That’s why I came to Contently, which has been on a mission helping market leaders take advantage of this opportunity since it launched seven years ago.

This week at Content Marketing World, we have some exciting news to share: We are expanding the Contently Suite, the market’s only solution that integrates technology, talent, and strategy into one holistic offering. The core of this enhanced solution is the Content Decision Engineā„¢, which combines data-driven insights and machine learning to inform and improve every content creation decision you have to make.

We’ve also added a number of unique capabilities. Tone Analyzer, for example, uses machine learning from IBM Watson to help clients establish and maintain their unique voice and style. SEO Planning and Optimization adds necessary oversight to publishing so brands can maximize how their content performs. Other features touch on everything from multimedia enhancements to talent recommendations supported by our custom algorithm.

So what does this all mean for marketers vying to own the digital customer experience? Even greater efficiency and effectiveness, which should translate to a bigger return on investment. That could mean lowering the cost per lead, driving sign-ups, or recovering millions in wasted content spend. Regardless of how your company defines ROI, the ultimate goal of the Contently Suite is to improve your company’s bottom line.

If you’re going to be in Cleveland for Content Marketing World, I’d love to talk more about the benefits of the launch. We’ll be at booth #14 throughout the conference. And if you’d like to schedule a demo of our newest features, book a private meeting during the conference, or simply stay informed of all things Contently, you can sign up here for our VIP list.

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