Infographic: The Top Salaries in Content Marketing

Content strategists must’ve been good last year because they’re set to enjoy a salary boost in 2017.

That’s according to new research from The Creative Group, a staffing firm which collected data for more than 120 creative and marketing jobs across the U.S.

After looking through the data, the companies pinpointed the jobs with the eight highest-paying content marketing salaries. Content strategists, seventh on the list, are expected to earn between $81,000 and $115,000—a 5.4 percent increase from 2016. Content development and management roles are set to see a 4 percent pay bump, following interactive design and production roles, which will jump by 5.3 percent.

There’s more to these content marketing salaries than just increased productivity. We’re in the middle of a talent war. As the report notes, 41 percent of marketing executives said it’s hard to find creative professionals to fill these roles—especially in the tech, finance, healthcare, and retail industries.

Finding the right people is such a challenge because companies are looking for creatives who have hybrid skill sets. Content marketers now need to be part technician and part artist, with experience in everything from SEO and HTML to thought leadership and brand development.

Once companies find these so-called content marketing unicorns, they’ll do anything they can to hire and retain them. And that means offering competitive salaries and benefits.

To see more high-paying careers in the year ahead, look at the infographic below. And for help with building your content marketing team, check out “The CMO’s Guide to Hiring for Content.”

content marketing salaries infographic

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