Infographic: How Tech Has Changed Black Friday

It’s true, tech is changing holiday shopping habits—not just because I skipped Black Friday this year to binge-watch the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix.

According to a new infographic from digital agency Sequence, customers are getting used to making their holiday purchases online. Actually, they prefer it, which shouldn’t shock anyone during a time when stores can feel overcrowded and understaffed.

As a result, the longstanding American tradition of Black Friday is losing steam. Sixty-three percent of consumers now say they would never stand in line for it. Almost half of millennials prefer Black Friday’s counterpart, Cyber Monday. Hint: It’s not because they like Mondays. Just ask Lorelai from Gilmore Girls.

Millennials like Cyber Monday because of convenience. In fact, many said they’d even be up for Black Friday if they could use technology to save a place in those massive lines. So while no one should be too surprised about tech driving online sales, it looks like it has the potential to drive in-store sales too. That is, as long as it’s used to make the buying process more efficient and user-friendly.

Outside the realm of consumerism, tech is changing other holiday habits—starting at the dinner table. As Sequence found, one in five consumers say smartphones at the holiday table aren’t a big deal. (Just not my mom. She made us put our phones in a big bowl.) And 59 percent say they’re good about keeping their phones away during the holidays. (Just not me. I wasn’t happy about putting my phone in a big bowl.)

For more about how tech is changing the way we shop and share during the holidays, check out the full infographic below.

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