11 Comics That Only Content Marketers Will Understand

Consider this group therapy, in comic form.

(All comics by Martin Kozlowski for The Content Strategist.)

When it’s your first day on the job…

content marketing comics

You don’t even want to know what happens when you ask for a new lede.

When your boss asks you to audit your company’s existing content…

content marketing comics

Most of it is spam, which never expires.

When you meet with the brand marketing team…

content marketing comics

We want to be like Beyoncé, but for banking! Can you do that in a blog post?

When your 22-year-old social media manager tells you that emojis are actually the oldest form of human communication…

content marketing comics

Love the concept. Can we circle back on this next week?

When your CEO has a killer content idea…

content marketing comics

The bad news: Your budget for the year is gone. The good news: Narrative tension will be at whip speed.

When your external ad agency gets a $5 million budget to be “more like Red Bull”…

content marketing comics

Step away from the dirt bike, guys.

When you finally finish that e-book…

content marketing comics

Just wait till you see the conversion rate.

When they ask you to get real stories from real users…

content marketing comics

Twitter is your interrogation room.

When someone goes rogue and starts a Snapchat account for your company…

content marketing comics

Bob, drop the selfie stick and walk away slowly.

When you contemplate the ethics of native advertising…

content marketing comics

Brand-building on fleek.

When you need to go meet with legal and compliance…

content marketing comics

Congratulations, it only takes you three months to publish a blog post. On the plus side, you’re making three times as much as you did at your last job.

Image by Martin Kozlowski
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