The Digital Media Boom, in One Chart

The way people are glued to their phones nowadays, you’d think that desktop computers were as dead as CD players. But in reality, even with mobile’s rapid rise to dominance, it turns out people are spending a ton more time with every screen—or at least every screen besides TV.

A new chart from digital analytics firm comScore confirms that time spent with digital media has grown exponentially, increasing 49 percent from 2013 to 2015. And while mobile and tablet adoption has driven much of the boom, desktop hasn’t been left behind.

Chart via The Wall Street Journal

Not surprisingly, the amount of attention given to mobile in recent months hasn’t been a mistake—mobile consumption has increased by 90 percent over the last two years. Tablets have grown at a respectable pace as well—64 percent—and shouldn’t be forgotten amidst all the mobile hype. Desktop’s 16-percent growth pales in comparison to both, but the platform is still widely used.

Overall, it’s apparent that, as people continue to cut cords and traditional media powerhouses invest in new media companies such as Vox Media and BuzzFeed, digital media’s share of audience attention should continue to skyrocket on both mobile and desktop. Fears of a saturated attention market appear to be unfounded.

comScore’s data is in line with Mary Meeker’s data in her annual “Internet Trends Report,” which found that mobile made up 51 percent of time spent with digital media, while desktop accounted for 42 percent.

In the coming years, however, that gap should widen as mobile continues to take over the digital marketplace. According to eMarketer, mobile ads are expected to make up 70 percent of digital ad spend by 2019, up from 40 percent of the total this year.

Meanwhile, despite digital media’s growth, digital ad spend will only account for 26.8 percent of total ad spend by 2019. TV may be losing attention minutes, but their ads still drive superior revenue.

Going forward, the biggest challenge for people who work in media is clear: How can they convert digital’s dominance into more revenue? Judging by all this data, they better figure it out fast.

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