The 10 Best Browser Extensions for Marketers

Browser extensions are kind of like the medicine cabinet of the Internet. Getting heartburn from the lack of engagement on your brand’s social channels? Insomnia from checking your company’s mentions on Twitter every two minutes? Migraines from the absurd amount of tabs you know you can’t close? There are remedies out there. And they don’t come with a list of side effects that’s longer than the iTunes user agreement.

In the spirit of good health, here are 10 of the best browser extensions that will help you be as efficient (and sane) as possible when you’re working on the Internet:

*Note: If you use Internet Explorer, your insurance won’t cover most of these.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Have you ever read an article that would be perfect to share with your followers, only to forget the link and lose it to the Internet abyss? With Evernote, that won’t happen anymore. This browser plug-in, aka the Web Clipper, lets users save posts to read later as well as highlight and comment on them. You can even share your notes with other people on your team.

Evernote works with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

2. Instagram for Chrome

Sure, scrolling through pictures of people’s brunch and frozen yogurt on your phone is fun. But if you want to actually manage your Instagram account, your computer is the way to go. Instagram for Chrome lets users comment on and like photos, put filters on their own pictures, and receive desktop notifications. This extension can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re a social media manager. It’s a little hard to look professional when you’re ostensibly scrolling through feeds of pictures on your phone all day. But your desktop? That’s a different story.

Image via Zero Paid

Not surprisingly, Instagram for Chrome only works with Chrome.

3. Riffle

One of the worst aspects of Twitter is how little space people have to describe themselves in their bios. No one can adequately sum up a life in 160 characters. If you don’t believe me, check out this hilarious Twitter bio generator. I guarantee your results will look identical to the bios of every other media person you know.

Luckily, the Riffle extension helps Twitter users get more information about the people they’re following. While this tool is great for general Internet stalking, it’s also useful for social media professionals who want to improve their Twitter productivity. You can see every user’s top hashtags, most popular tweets, and top mentions. And if there’s a specific person you’re trying to emulate on Twitter, then Riffle will be a huge help.

Riffle works with Chrome.

4. Ritetag

Just like Instagram, Twitter has a ton of hashtags to choose from. It’s hard to decide which one will lead to the most engagement. Yet with Ritetag, Twitter users can automatically see the likelihood of their message being seen—classified by high, medium, or low. The software even estimates expected engagement metrics. You know that sad, empty feeling you get when a tweet has zero favorites? Well, now you can forget about that feeling and be on the popular kids online.

Ritetag works with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

5. Social Analytics

Sometimes you can tell you’re reading an article with an inaccurate share count. Other times, there’s no share count at all. Social Analytics automatically lets you discover how many shares any given piece of content has on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Not only is it a great tool to see how your own posts are doing, but it also helps you keep an eye on how overinflated the share counts are on your competitor’s website.

Social Analytics works with Chrome.

6. Social Fixer for Facebook

Have you ever wished you could customize more aspects of Facebook? Well, you now hold that power in your hands. Social Fixer lets users hide posts they’ve already read, create different tabs for their News Feed, hide parts of the Facebook interface like birthday reminders, and much more. It’s like an invisibility cloak designed to piss off Mark Zuckerberg and anyone who wants your personal information for unsavory purposes. Check out the full list of what Social Fixer can do for you here.

Social Fixer works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

7. Buffer

Buffer is a powerhouse tool that lets users share across multiple platforms simultaneously— Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Google+. Social media managers will be happy to know that Buffer also lets users schedule posts ahead of time. All hail the burrito principle!

Buffer works with Chrome.

8. Circloscope

It’s always important to know who’s checking out your work—and just as important to know who isn’t. Circloscope is a browser extension that gives you the power to access and organize that valuable information. Circloscope, which costs $47, allows Google+ users to identify, monitor, and target specific people who can help spread the reach of a particular post. You can also see who isn’t following you back on Google+. While it’s rare for a browser extension to cost money, Circloscope has gotten strong reviews and is worth checking out on a free-trial basis.

Circloscope works with Chrome.

9. Bitly

Bitly’s website makes it extremely easy to shorten links that you want to post to social media. The browser extension makes it even easier. With a couple of clicks, you can set your custom URLs, post to your social accounts directly from the pop-up, and then track how well they’re performing.

The Bitly extension works with Chrome. For people who use other browsers, try the Bitly bookmark tool instead.

10. OneTab

Have you ever been lost in a never-ending train of browser tabs? I have, and I know firsthand can be hard to fight your way out when you have so many open that you can’t even see where they’re from. OneTab is the antidote to that problem—collecting all of your tabs neatly in one screen, as seen below:

Whenever you feel the inspiration to actually read one of the many articles that you had open, simply click on the article name to refresh your tab.

OneTab works with Chrome and Firefox.

Here’s to a more zen browsing experience. If you have any other extensions that help you maintain your sanity throughout the workday, let us know what they are on Twitter @Contently.

Image by AstroStar

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