3 Brand Films That Won Daytime Emmy Noms

Ah, the Daytime Emmys—your award show opportunity to finally learn the names of game show hosts and be reminded which talk shows your grandma watched when she was your age are still on the air. And, for some brands, a chance to shine.

In the past, advertising projects have generally been confined to Creative Arts Emmys, which are meant for technical achievements or specialized categories. But in an age where ambitious branded projects are changing the way we think about advertising and content, a few films have been able to compete with the frontrunners of the entertainment industry.

Here are three shows, all nominated for a Daytime Emmy, demonstrating that branded content just might be worth celebrating.

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside, created by Pereira & O’Dell, is a mini-series (or “ongoing film,” as the official website says) by Intel and Toshiba. The plot centers around a man named Alex, voiced by Topher Grace, but played by different people. Every morning, he wakes up in someone else’s body while his personality remains the same.

This clever concept allowed the creators to involve the viewers of the series by offering them chances to play Alex. Fans auditioned to play him via social media channels like Facebook, and a lucky few were chosen. The series won a Daytime Emmy in 2013 in the category of Outstanding New Approaches.


Created by Moonboot studios in partnership with Dolby, Silent is an animated short film that tells the story of two street performers who enter an abandoned movie theater and go on an adventure that—with the help of a magical machine—will bring their street show to the big screen.

If it seems visually familiar, you’re not mistaken: Moonboot was also the company behind Chipotle’s famous “Scarecrow” video. Silent was nominated for the Daytime Emmy in 5 categories: Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program, Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation, Outstanding Sound Editing – Animation, and Outstanding Music Direction and Composition.


In the spirit of back-to-school, Old Navy partnered with director Matt Dilmore to create this music video and a single that was released on iTunes. The story centers on a girl’s fears on the first day of school, which come in the form of a real-life monster called “Womp Womp” that basically looks like Grimace. Throughout the tale, she dreams of future careers as a scientist, chef, and president.

The video features YouTube stars such as Isabella Balbi, Jacori Neal, JennxPenn, Thats0jack, Hunter March, Josh Levi, Miranda Sings, Mystery Guitar Man, and Kingsley. And no, Old Navy didn’t make any money off the single: the proceeds went to The Boys and Girls Club of America. The video was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the category Outstanding Special Class – Short Format Daytime Program.

These brand videos are pushing the limits of what we expect from brands—that they’ve infiltrating the Daytime Emmys is just one sign that branded content can be taken seriously by the Hollywood elite. Just don’t tell fans still steaming from The Lego Movie’s Oscar snub.

Image by Jordan Strauss

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