This Blog Will Let You Steal All of Refinery29’s Publishing Secrets

Over the past decade, Refinery29 has built one of the most loyal audiences on the web; of the 10 million people who come to the site each month, over a third visit six times or more, Irene Lee, Refinery29’s director of marketing, said at the Contently Summit in SoHo yesterday.

Lucky for us, Refinery29 is revealing their blueprint for rapid growth in a new blog, Intelligence, and it’s one of the best-kept secrets on the Internet.

“I think it has four readers, me and the three members of my team,” Lee joked.

Spend a few moments on the blog and you’ll quickly notice a trend: The secret to Refinery29’s success is testing the heck out of every aspect of their content and email/social media distribution to find the perfect recipe for audience growth—a point Lee emphasized repeatedly during her panel, “Getting and Keeping an Audience.” On Intelligence, Lee and her team break down how they conduct their tests to in clear steps, which is awesome for those of us without data science degrees who still want to learn how to effectively use data to grow an audience.

After just one day, I’m in love, and if you’re a fellow content strategist or editor who wants to take your use of data to the next level, I bet you’ll fall head over heels for the blog, too. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stop whatever you’re doing and read these three posts right now. It’s okay, I can wait.

Using Share Buttons to Increase Viral Distribution

How an Email Redesign Increased Our Engagement By 20 Percent

The Value of a Facebook Share: What Does It Mean, What Does It Do? (The graph below is fascinating.)

Refinery29 blog

Forget six visits a month—I’m going to be on this blog every single day.

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