Content Catchup: Tension Inside Brand Newsrooms, Content Marketing Pickup Lines, and More Must-Read Stories

Here’s what you missed while plotting your escape from the city over Memorial Day Weekend…

Journalists vs. Marketers: How to Ease Tension Inside Brand Newsrooms

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In our latest Contently Labs post, we tackle a question we’re hearing more and more from brand publishers: “How do I ease tension between the marketers and journalists in my brand newsroom?” Read it.

The Charlotte Observer Takes Native Advertising Local


It’s not just national newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that are adopting native advertising, writes Sam Petulla. The Charlotte Observer is trying to take native ads local. Find out how. Read it.

Best Branded Content: Inside Benetton’s Incredible, Edgy Colors Magazine


Natalie Burg dives into one of the most fascinating and long-running brand magazines around:

Each Colors magazine covers a specific topic. Over the 20 years, the publication has delved into race, religion, heaven, war, refugees, and more. But how have they been able to delve into such meaty and loaded topics on a brand’s dime? Read it.

Should Brands Spend Millions to Underwrite Other People’s Content?

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Ford is spending nearly $10 million to underwrite a new web series for AOL, over which they’ll have absolutely no editorial control. The Content Strategist’s Celine Roque asks: Is it worth it? Read it.

7 Content Marketing Pickup Lines, Ryan Gosling Style

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Recently, at Contently we started an email thread of “Hey Girl” content marketing pick-up lines, inspired by our fearless leader Shane Snow’s notorious love of Ryan Gosling. Ridiculousness ensued. Read it.

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