Content Catchup: Tumblr’s Sponsored Post Domination, a Ryan Gosling Story That’ll Change Your Brand, and More

What you might have missed in the branded content world while you were standing outside, shaking your first, and screaming at the cold air for ruining spring…

The Ryan Gosling Story That Will Change How You Talk About Your Brand

Contently co-founder Shane Snow used to think that Ryan Gosling was just okay. But then he heard a story about him that changed the way he thought about the meme-friendly star—and the content marketing world. Read it.

The Average Sponsored Post on Tumblr Gets Reblogged 10,000 Times. Here’s Why

Last week at the 4A conference, Marissa Mayer emphasized the impressive shareability of Tumblr’s sponsored posts. If the average Promoted Tweet was being retweeted 10,000 times, Twitter would plaster SXSW with the stat. If the average sponsored post on Facebook was shared 10,000 times, Mark Zuckerberg would brag about it on every I-80 billboard from New York to Silicon Valley.

So what’s the key to their success? Powerful tools, and a commitment to quality that’s rare in the social advertising world. Read it.

Can Mountain Dew’s Brand Newsroom Pull a Red Bull?

Red Bull no longer has the only brand newsroom riding the extreme sports wave. Over the past year, Mountain Dew’s retooled brand newsroom has racked up some impressive content wins in the extreme sports space through its new digital magazine, Dive inside the “Dewsroom.” Read it.

99 Years of Content Marketing: How American Express Became a Major American Publisher

What comes to mind when you think of American Express? International credit cards. A large financial corporation. The convenient AmEx abbreviation. Maybe even Open FORUM, its popular 6-year-old content hub for small business owners. But you probably don’t know that American Express has been a master content marketer for close to a century, ever since they were a company we would barely recognize today. Read it.

How to Avoid an Infographic Fail

Ah, infographics. Over the past few years, these colorful and awkwardly tall stat-packed illustrations have become the go-to visuals for content marketers. The theory goes something like this: Just take all relevant information and transfer it to a pretty chart or graphical representation, and, presto—CONTENT MARKETING.

Infographics, however, have suffered the same fate as many other marketing tools; once an explosion in popularity hits, the implosion in quality soon follows. Read it.

What You Need to Know About the WSJ’s New Native Advertising Hybrid

The Wall Street Journal and Adobe just unveiled an interesting new advertising hybrid, and it could usher in a new standard for native ad strategy. By fusing underwritten content with custom sponsored content from Adobe’s, the publisher is creating a unique and potentially powerful model for funding new content. Read it.

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