Content Catchup: 5 Stories More Delicious Than A Post-Halloween Candy Binge

If you’re like me, you spent way too much time this week binging on leftover Halloween candy and fell behind on your industry news. But have no fear! We can’t help with that newly acquired sugar addiction, but we can provide a roundup of some awesome brand publishing stories.

ThingLink Channels Their Inner Frankenstein (Minus All The Grave Robbing) To Bring Images To Life

Awesome visual content is increasingly becoming the key to getting people to engage with the things that you create. Enter ThingLink, a free, easy-to-use tool that makes images interactive and generates engagement rates upwards of 16%. As someone who’s proposed to 15 different girls, let me tell you, a 16% engagement rate is NOT easy to achieve.

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Content Delivers Big-Time Brand Lift

Recently, Forbes Media commissioned an independent study of the effectiveness of sponsored content from Forbes’ BrandVoice program, and the results revealed that sponsored content delivers serious brand lift. Could this be the solution to content marketing’s ROI problem?

What The Heck Does The Editor-In-Chief Of An Ad Agency Do?

We spoke with Michael Grimes, Editor-in-Chief of Hill Holliday, to find out. (Surprisingly, they don’t get a special hat.)

Six-Second Classics: When Dressing Up A Tube of Lip Balm Like Hester Prynne Amazingly Turns Out To Be a Good Idea

Admittedly, recreating literary classics using tubes of lip balm sounds like a crazy final project at some hippie liberal arts college. (Like Sarah Lawrence, my alma mater! Holla!) But Burt’s Bees’ bold effort turned out to be one of the coolest content campaigns on Vine that the marketing world has seen.

The OkCupid Of Content Marketing: How FanBridge Connects Brands With YouTube Stars

YouTube’s superstars need a fresh revenue stream. Brands need online video superstars. If only someone would channel their inner Yenta and play matchmaker.

FanBridge wants to be that Yenta. Mazel tov!

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