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Pornhub’s Sexy Brand Publishing Opportunity

Could Pornhub become a content marketing legend?

Maybe my mind’s in the content marketing gutter, but that’s the first thing I thought when I read about PornIQ, Pornhub’s new Pandora-like porn recommendation feature. It’s going to yield a treasure trove of data that could be easily used to yield incredible insights on human behavior. It could do what OkCupid’s insanely successful OkTrends blog did for dating insights, but for porn. You don’t think that people want to know how viewing habits in Afghanistan have changed with increased Western influence? Or how much Israelis search for Palestinian porn and vice versa? Or if Midwesterners are hiding something a little freaky beneath all those incredibly warm smiles?

We attract a really strong demographic. The adult surfer is a strong online force consisting of really active consumers.”

Pornhub has already started revealing insights like these to news outlets, but its own blog remains a dumping ground of porn contests. They’d be smart to copy the OkTrends approach and combine engaging infographics with hilarious commentary. “To tell a story, you need words, you know?” OkCupid co-founder and OkTrends creator Christian Rudder told The Content Strategist in August. “Or, at the very least, a moving image. … With very little text, you can only make gestures at the things.”

PornIQ is going to give Pornhub a lot of fodder for awesome stories. Why leave it to blogs like PandoDaily to break the news that Birmingham, Alabama residents watch as much porn as San Franciscans when, with the right approach, you can do a better job of it yourself?

“But isn’t this a lot to ask of a porn site?” you might wonder. Well, Pornhub — a top 100 site worldwide that attracts nearly 14 million pageviews a day — already has its sights on becoming a mainstream company. They’re starting to attract mainstream advertisers, and a top-notch PornIQ publication could help them establish a reputation as the “smart porn blog” and attract even more advertisers. “It’s important to note that surfers who visit adult sites are no different from those who visit mainstream sites,” Cory Price, VP of Pornhub, told Digiday. “We attract a really strong demographic. The adult surfer is a strong online force consisting of really active consumers.”

Simply put, this has to happen. I mean, how else will we ever find out what the top fetish in England is?

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